Reckon Accounts Hosted FAQs

Which Billers can I register for?

Billers that allow registration for bills to be delivered into your Xero account are:

Biller Name BPAY Biller Code
City of Stonnington 20198
Hornsby Shire Council 7690
Payreq Pty Ltd 111111

How do I stop receiving an invoice into my Reckon Accounts Hosted company?

To deregister from receiving an invoice into Reckon Accounts Hosted:

a. Login to Payreq MyBills at

b. Click Registrations in the top menu

c. Find the Active registration you would like to deregister

d. Open the details by clicking anywhere on the registration item

e. Click the Deregister button at the top of the page

How do I disconnect from Reckon Accounts Hosted?

To disconnect from Reckon Accounts Hosted and deregister all active registrations:

a. Login to Payreq MyBills at

b. Click Settings in the top menu

c. Click the 'Disconnect from Reckon' button

d. Confirm that you would like to Disconnect from Reckon and deregister all active registrations

Why is my Reckon Accounts Hosted connection showing there is a problem connecting?

When there is an authorisation error connecting to your Reckon Accounts Hosted company. See screenshot below. Please select to either reconnect or disconnect your Reckon Accounts Hosted company.

When I search for a biller I get an error message?

When I search for a biller by BPAY Biller Code I get an error message 'Unfortunately the biller code entered is currently not serviced by Payreq'.

Unfortunately the biller does not currently send invoices using Payreq. Please see a list of supported billers by clicking here

How do I connect more than one Reckon Accounts Hosted company file?

When registering for Payreq MyBills a single Organisation will be created that allows one Reckon Accounts Hosted Company to be connected. To connect additional Reckon Accounts Hosted Companies you will need to add a Payreq Organisation for each Reckon Accounts Hosted Company.

a. To add another Organisation to Payreq click on right hand menu and select 'Add organisation'

b. Enter the name of the new Organisation and select if it is a business and click the 'Add' button

c. After adding a new Organisation click on the new Organisation in the list.

d. Click Settings in the top menu and connect to the related Reckon Accounts Hosted Company and following the authentiation workflow.

If I have multiple Payreq Organisations how do I switch between them?

To switch the selected Payreq Organisation click on the Organisation name in the top menu.

This will display your list of Payreq Organisations, then click on the desired Organisation in the list.

How do I contact Payreq support?

To contact Payreq support please click on the right hand menu and select 'Contact'

How do I contact Reckon Accounts Hosted support?

To contact Reckon Accounts Hosted support please see

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