PropertyMe FAQs

How do I connect and forward bills to PropertyMe?

1. Go to and login

2. Connect to your PropertyMe portfolio

2a. Click on Settings in the top menu bar

2b. Click expand the PropertyMe connection

2c. Click the 'Connect to PropertyMe' button

3d. Log into PropertyMe. If you are already logged in you will skip straight to the next step

3e. Select a PropertyMe portfolio to connect and Allow access

3f. When the connection is successfully established PropertyMe will show connected. If the connection is unsuccessful the 'Connect to PropertyMe' button will be displayed, please repeat steps b to e.

3. Create forwarding rules

3a. Click on Settings > Forwarding Rules

3b. Click the 'Add Rule' button

3c. Fill in the forwarding rule form

i. Forward Payreq MyBills Agent bills from: The name of the biller that you receive MyBills Agent bills from to forward

ii. Bills to Forward: All bills or bills received starting with a particular account number

iii. To Property Management Software: Select your active PropertyMe connection

iv. PropertyMe Supplier: Select the matching supplier in PropertyMe

v. Bill Includes Tax?: Do the bills being forwarded include tax?

vi. Bill Due Date Field: Select the due date to be set in PropertyMe

3d. Repeat step 3b and 3c to create forwarding rules for each biller and/or account number combination that requires forwarding

My bills require more information to forward to PropertMe?

The first time a new bill arrives for a Biller Account Number, link the Property from PropertyMe then 'Save & Forward' the bill.

All subsequent bills will remember the linked property and automatically forward to PropertyMe.

My bills failed to forward to PropertyMe?

Find the Error Message highlighted in red on the bill in the table below and take the action required to resolve the issue, then resend the failed bill.

Error Message Action Required
A bill must have a valid chart account Add an account code to the supplier selected in PropertyMe
A bill must have a valid supplier Please ensure the supplier selected exists in PropertyMe
A bill must be for a valid ownership or folio Please ensure the property has an active owner assigned
Unable to forward bill to PropertyMe Please contact Payreq Support

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