Payreq Mypay QuickBooks Epost Connector FAQs

How does Payreq MyPay integrate with QuickBooks Online to send payroll documents to Canada Post epost?

Payreq Mypay securely sends a list of the Employee numbers and their address postal codes to Canada Post epost to allow employees to subscribe to receive their payroll documents. To subscribe, the Company employees subscribe to the Payreq MyPay mailer as listed in the epost mailer directory. In the subscription page of Payreq MyPay, the employee enters in their employer id (given to them by their employer; allocated by Payreq during the setup process), their employee number and their postal code. If the three fields match, epost will immediately present the successful subscription message to the employee. Successful subscriptions will be displayed to the employer in the Payreq MyPay concole within 24 hours. The employer upload a single PDF of all the pay stubs created by QuickBooks Online to the Payreq console and the Payreq application will send the pay stubs to the subscribed employees' epost mailbox. The employee will receive a notification from epost that mail has arrived from Payreq MyPay.

What are Contacts?

Contacts are employees in QuickBooks that may subscribe to receive payroll documents from your company.

What are Subscriptions?

Subscriptions are employees that have successfully registered to receive documents into their Canada Post epost mailbox.

How do I upload QuickBooks paystubs to Payreq Mypay?

1. In QuickBooks Online click Employees in the left menu

2. Click the Run payroll Button

3. Select the Payroll run and click Submit

4. Enter the required payroll information and click "Preview payroll"

5. Review the payroll information and click "Submit Payroll"

6. Click Print pay subs and download the paystub pdf.

7. In QuickBooks Online click Apps in the left menu

8. Click My Apps and select Launch for Payreq Mypay.

9. In the Payreq console click Mail

10. Then click Upload Mail. Select the pdf that was downloaded in step 5 and click Upload.

11. The upload job will be started and it's progress can be viewed by click Jobs in the menu bar.

12. When the job is complete the paystub documents to be sent to epost can be seen by click Mail in the menu bar.

13. To view the details of the document click on the Mail Document ID in the table.

Why are some Mail documents under the Pending Send tab with a status "Awaiting subscription"?

When a paystub pdf is uploaded Payreq will determine if an employee is registered for epost. For those that are subscribed the documents will be sent to epost and appear under the Sent tab. However, for employees that have not subscribed their documents will be saved under the Pending send tab with a status "Awaiting Subscription". When a user subscribes to epost all their stored documents "Awaiting Subscription" will be sent to epost for viewing.

Why are some Mail documents under the Pending Send tab with a status "Awaiting credit"?

When the mailer has run out of credits to send documents mail will appear under the Pending send tab with the status "Awaiting credit".

The active remaining credits per document type can be viewed under the Settings > Accounting plans

To send mail please purchase additional credits following the instructions under "How do I purchase more Credits to send Payroll documents?"

How do I purchase more Credits to send Payroll documents?

1. In the Payreq console go to Settings > Accounting plans and click the "Purchase credits" button.

2. Select the type and number of credits you would like to purchase and then click Checkout

3. Review the purchase and click Proceed to pay

4. Enter your credit card details and click Submit

Where can I find my epost Employer Code?

The employer code required for subscription can be found in the Payreq console under Settings. It is the number after epost MyPay Mailer Id: in the grey box. In the screenshot below the employer code is 10044.

How do employees register for Payreq Mypay with epost?

How do I disconnect my QuickBooks connection?

In the Payreq console go to Settings > Billers. Scroll down to QuickBooks properties and click the Disconnect from QuickBooks button.

How do I re-connect to QuickBooks?

In the Payreq console go to Settings > Billers. Scroll down to QuickBooks properties and click the Connect to QuickBooks button.